Top Ten Urban Kayaking Cities - Plus Fireworks Paddles - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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Summer is a good time to go Kayaking though you will want to dress warm. The water stays on the cold side and the rain can make for an even colder time.


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No doubt, California got most of the best natures "hot spots" of entire U.S..come and visit!

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People in the urban areas wouldn't really care much but the effect could only be felt when they're all gone. We shouldn't allow that to happen.

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When you get to Kinzie Street Bridge, it’s like a curtain pulls back to reveal the Emerald City—everything’s lit up and twinkling,” says owner Dave Olson. From here it’s 25 minutes to Navy Pier, where kayakers enjoy VIP views of the Wednesday and Saturday night summer fireworks

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I'm glad Toronto made it on the list! If you need more info on where to go in the city just let me know wakacje 2011.

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I have been to Seattle, and did see the fireworks one day. But I think that you should also write a piece about the summer fireworks in the City of Tokyo - Japan. They last for two hours, and also take place at the river side, it is a beautiful site!

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I'm glad Toronto made it on the list! If you need more info on where to go in the city just let me know.

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