Top Ten Urban Kayaking Cities - Plus Fireworks Paddles - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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You must had the best view if you were in a kayak? Never though of it but prob. also the most peaceful because you must be the only one in the water.

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You must had the best view if you were in a kayak? Never though of it but prob. also the most peaceful because you must be the only one in the water.

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That's a beautiful picture, was this taken in Thailand? It looks really familiar to me.

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For me Fireworks bring an unexplained joy.

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the fireworks of NYC during the New year's eve is unexplainable in words.

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Great fireworks!.. I can't wait to see more. Keep coming!


I'm looking for someone who has done the City Kayak SF Bay New Years Eve trip! Get in touch with me as soon as possible.

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I can't wait to see this. Love fireworks and love kayaking.

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The water stays on the cold side and the rain can make for an even colder time. Have fun.

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cant wait to go back to Thailand, Europe and New York this year.

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I did Kayak Chicago when they had a groupon...was real fun!


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Being a DC native myself, I can understand the reasoning behind our ranking. I think it'll change pretty soon though.

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Nice tips! National geographic is one of the best for me. I always read and watch Nat Geo. I love it.

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I blogged about this a while back but it didn't occur to me to let you know. I'm still new at the blogging game.

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