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There are many things should be taken into consideration, but you’ve made a good point here. Thanks a lot for that. I will follow your way soon.

טויוטה אוריס

Despite one last pay attention of a really awesome beat before you secure your car and go into the back country, it happens. The toughest beat on the planet gets trapped in your go.

Super Why Party Supplies

My son is a big fan of Super why.He used to sing its theme till my eardrum breaks with his loud and high pitch tone.It is part of being a dad, i guess i can survive this.

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My niece used to repeat and repeat the theme of Super why followed by Dora then blues clues.I am getting use to it as time pass by,and lamely i can say i memorized each song.

Bernice Klaben

How about "It's a Small World After All" !

Gringo B Ticktot

Thanks for getting the Growing Pains' theme (show me that smile again...) out of my head!


I imagine that "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" would be bad if you're thirsty and if you like beer.


Two Words: Phil Collins

When trekking, kayaking or even sailing getting "su-su-sussudio" stuck in your head is the absolute worst! Although Philly Boy's lyrics might have captivated my former five year old self, I now loathe the fact that its embedded in my hiking sub conscious.


The question is, are there some songs which are more annoying to have stuck in your head when you're hiking rather than when you're, say, just washing dishes at home? My vote goes for anything that rings of campfire kitsch, Kum Ba Yah anyone?

Dr. Earworm himself(!)

Sorry to do this folks, but...

I love to go a-wandering
Along the mountain track
And when I go, I love to sing
My knapsack on my back

Valderee, valderah,
Valderee, valderah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha,
Valderee, valderah,
My knapsack on my back

Ugh! Just shoot me!!

Michael Collin

With 2 kids under 4 my current "earworm" list is slightly different-

top 5:
5. Big Red Car- the Wiggles
4. Dora Theme- Dora the Explorer
3. ABC- Super Why
2. Bah Bah blacksheep- unknown
1. Wonderific Your Terrific- Super Why

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