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I have been using their first generation iPhone since April and now I am on my third one...There have been so many different problems that I am willing to shoot it with a 44 mag.

Apple is sending me a new 3G in another week I hope. Unfortunately, they did not have a program set for me to go pick up one at their store. Their customer service is only second to the Mayo Clinic which is OUTSTANDING!!!

Unfortunately, they should have made a number of changes before releasing the 3G.

There is no cut and paste and you are still stuck with a battery you cannot replace without sending it to their repair facility. I hope they have a loaner program. That's a huge profit center for them but, a pain for us. The old iPhone battery dies within just a couple of hours on all 3 phones I had. The phone locks up, closes safari for no reason and even wouldn't allow me to reply to emails to name just a few of the problems I experienced. AT&T should have given me a credit for all the frustration but, leave Apple to handle all problems with the phone.

If you think it's cheaper you are mistaken. AT&T is charging $30 a month instead of $20 for data service 2 year contract and that = $240 plus $200 for the phone. So in essence you are paying more.

A 32 gig phone is in the works and I am sure more improvements. Thankfully, many programmers are making the phone better but, they better be approved by Apple otherwise you void the warranty. I took out the extended warranty because I know there will be more problems and the battery costs almost as much as the warranty so, why take a chance. I have been using cell phones since 1990 andtypically get a new one every year. This has been the most fun but the problems overshadow the good points!

Good Luck and let's hope that their web doesn't go down for another 5 hours as it did Friday.

Everyone getting the new phone and all previous owners were downloading the update. Couldn't they have prepared or outsourced some of the downloads to another company if they couldn't handle the load...Ridiculous!!!

Be sure to backup your info often so when it goes down you can easily reinstall.

george :-(


I've had a macbook for a year and a half now. It's been smooth sailing ever since. I can also run XP and Vista as virtual machines on the mac. What else does a man need?

Patrick Blech

I believe hi tech gadgets may be steering people in the wrong direction. One example, I know dozens of folks who prefer "texting", emailing, instant messaging as opposed to a real face to face conversation. I feel the above mentioned tools all have their benefits and proper uses, however they seem to be slowly replacing primitive human communication techniques. I believe the iphone is the next step to a communication breakdown.


Take the plunge Steve! You won't regret it! ;)


it's hard to imagine life without my macbook or iphone now.

last week, i was hiking in rocky mountain national park, miles away from any cell phone tower, and my iphone stayed 6.2 miles locked back in the jeep.

i think technology withdrawal will be what the next generation will have to face.

forget the great depression, forget plagues and phamons... the new social enemy is tech-withdrawal.


The best (or the worst) thing about Apple products is the ease of interoperability between devices. I probably wouldn't have seriously considered an iPhone before I got a MacBook Pro, but automatic syncing of mail, music, contacts, etc, make it hard to look at other phones.

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