The Adventure Life with Steve Casimiro Banished Everest Climber, In His Own Words - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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He should send a thank you letter to the Nepal Ministry of Tourism for saving his life.


I have witnessed the whole incident when it happened. I was resting in the tent adjacent to Mountain Madness tents in Camp 1. Willy Benegas is a piece of work - I still here his words telling Brant Holland to give the banner to the Sherpa and “he will make it disappear”.


It appears that he was more interested in having his photo taken (any where with any thing for potential publication) than climbing. He spent his two weeks prior to base camp entertaining family visitors in Nepal rather than focusing on final research/prep for the climb? How could you spend a couple weeks in Kathmandu in April and not know the political climate for Everest 2008, especially after bypassing Tibet? I wouldn't allow a guy with this poor of judgement on my permit for any amount of money on any mountain.


Just as well that Brant Holland was booted off Everest in Nepal. As you can see by this interview, he was unprepared mentally, physically, logistically, and lacked important information to attempt a summit on Everest from Nepal. Highly likely his lack of preparedness would have endangered his life and possibly other climbers around him as well. He should send a thank you letter to the Nepal Ministry of Tourism for saving his life.

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