Beyond Green Travel With Costas Christ Searching For Greece in the Greek Isles - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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I wonder how great it would be to come and try it! Love beaches!

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It is a pity, I always loved the essence of all things Greek, the simple food, the islands with authentic Greek style.

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I agree with your blog because Greece is one of the nice place.

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where was the pictures shot?

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Hawaii but never been to Molokai- even the mane is wonderful! I hope they will find a way to keep and maintain their lovely society!

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Some visitors didn't enjoy their trip to Greece and some did. That's normal

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LOL! The French woman who thought it wasn't a real beach because there were no chairs and umbrellas HAHA! I guess there are some people who just don't know how to rest and enjoy themselves.

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I have traveled to Egypt a few times and the beaches there are amazing! The reason I haven't been to Greece is because it is way to "tourist" like i love a clean clear of commercials

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The government and their developer-affiliates ignore these facts. They continue to increase, rather than decrease unsustainable tourism projects. Meanwhile, many regions and islands have completely run out of natural resources, including fresh water.

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The Greek government wholeheartedly supports this project and others like it. It seems that no one can stop the bulldozers.

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it sounds like a great place to go for a vacation. I fell in love with Greece when I saw the movie Troy. The blue sea is just so inviting. I wish I could go there one day

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Thanks towns of Fira and Oia looking into the blue water caldera below is unique in all the world. That view has been Santorini's blessing and its curse

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I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path

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