Kayakers Risk Detainment to Paddle 220 Miles on Tibet's Uncharted Mekong - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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Damn, that DOES look dangerous. A bit too much for someone like me. But I bet it's a great fun. Going to Tibet next Spring. Might visit Mekong. Great pics. Cheers


true descents

no amount of negotiation would certainly not open the gate on the afternoon of the 14th... but records show the team was on their way into the put in for the salween on the 13th of march. it has come to light that they were denied access not because of claims of unrest but most directly the result of lack of permits and permissions. and so there was in fact, some amount of negotiating that could not take place.
i do find it funny and convenient that the section endorsed by travis winns father on his site (www.shangri-la-river-expeditions.com) is now being called "alleged". certainly undocumented. but lets call a spade a spade, regardless of documentation, prior knowledge changes everything
i also wonder when the team "risked detainment or worse", what that "worse" could have been? maybe just for the drama.
and so for the record, permits are a necessary evil for running rivers in china. and i would have thought someone with the claims of experience that this team forwards would cross their t's and dot their i's. sorry to see national geo endorsing such a sham. especially with nat geos sorted history in china...

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