K2 Survivor Wilco van Rooijen, In His Own Words - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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Finally I had the luck that when the clouds disappeared and I could reach the easier slopes.

Brian Boerman

The avalanche/ serac fall happened BELOW him. In the DARK. how COULD he see it?

It is way out of bounds for any of us to second guess the recall of a survivor, especially in such extreme situations.
It's actually amazing that he has the presence of so MUCH recall; most of us would have been effectively brain dead -- and therefore completely dead.


How come in his interview wilco hasnt mentioned the names of the people he spent the night with to keep warm? are we then to think that he is a superman? he seems to think he is... to me it comes across that he expected to be the only one alive.

and he didnt see the avalanche, but it took the rope away! strange indeed. Alot of questions need to be answered!!!!

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