Kayaking Bolivia: Shrinking Glaciers, First Descents, Culture on the Brink - National Geographic ADVENTURE


Annie Kranz

Dearest Brian, Andy, Scott, and Trip -
I am proud, my family is proud, and all of our friends are SO proud of what you are trying to accomplish. Keep the spark alive, you are a motivation for positive change! and be safe.

Sarah Stott

Trip, Andy, Brian and Scott - So great to read about the trip so far. We're with you, and hope your efforts will help seriously publicize the climate change problems you guys are documenting.
Howard and Sarah

Jan Ryan

Andy and Trip! Great eloquence and insights, Andy, not to mention such a worthy cause. I'm proud of you all. Have a candle lit for everyone's safe return! Best!

Kavita Heyn

Trip and Andy -
Sounds like a great adventure, but also a sobering account of the reality that Bolivians face in a warming world. I will anxiously wait to see what you find out about the glaciers. Until then, best of luck in your journeys!

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