In the Bahamas, Invasive Fish May Become Dinner to Restore Ecosystem - National Geographic ADVENTURE


Palawan Resorts

Maybe the Bahamas should take a leaf out of Palawan Island's book and really limit the amount of commercial activities such as shipping and fishing.

This is how non-local predators end up destroying local eco-systems such as the Crown- of-Thorns starfish in most parts of the world.

The reefs in Palawan island in the Philippines is one of the last frontiers and is being preserved by all concerned for generations to come.

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Four years ago today, I took the commuter train from Boston up to the north shore so I could play in the ocean with two friends. It was a gray, but lovely day. I had caught wind of a hurricane down south, and on the train ride back, as our hair dried and the saltwater evaporated from our skins, I mentioned to my friends that I heard they were evacuating the city of New Orleans.

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