Is Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater About to Hit Bottom? - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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Africa is one place for animals to live and breed, here almost all the rare animals can be found ...
this is the miracle of the African

John Dead

Maybe it's time to introduce some restrictions on the number of tourists who can visit at any time so that the wildlife can recover.

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Wow Awesome place to visit and enjoy the holidays !!!

James Kimes

It's an age old battle...preservation vs. development. Once wildlife is gone, it is gone forever. Thank goodness step are being taken to protect this beautiful, unique palce.

Machu Picchu Travel

What a beautiful place to see animals in their native habitat. I am so glad that we are keeping the crater a special place!

Ivan Malagurski

The usual story, over-exploit something until you destroy it...I hope they manage to get things under control...

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Tanzania is really great place to be!

Dahl Tours and Safaris

Ngorongo is so nice it is a dream for animal watching.


That is just crazy! So good that measure are being taken! They must preserve this amazing place! I didn't visit it yet, and I would like to get a chance- hopefully off season :)

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