Deep Survival with Laurence Gonzales When Times Were Really Tough - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good

We need to learn all we can from this terrible lesson," she said.Fine has called the accusations against him "patently false in every aspect."The firing was the latest jolt to major college athletics already reeling from allegations of abuse and possible cover-ups at football powerhouse Penn State, where a former assistant coach faces 40 sexual abuse charges.

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Lucy only proves that she can think and think wise at that and a survivor.


For relationships between Laetoli Footprint Tuff and Sadiman volcano see


very nice blog


Very Nice Center


Extremely amazing!!!!


The article is philosophical, and subjective on tons of fronts.

Plus the question: if we evolved from Lucy, then isn't Lucy still surviving now, and not something separate for us to examine and learn lessons about?

C. Parry

Fantastic article, thank you!

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