Beyond Green Travel: In Vietnam, Emptied Graves Make Room for Mass Tourism - National Geographic ADVENTURE


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The fiercest agonies have shorest reign. (William Crllen Bryant, American poet)

Nguyen Tan Dung

you're talking about a communist country where it is ruled by a single party and top elites. The decision is usually made on the interest of a few and on the expense of the mass.

Nikki Rose

This is a difficult and disturbing case of haphazard development that is a quick-fix for a small percentage of local people. It leaves the majority of the population worse off than they were before.

The financial benefits to local people might not even last a single generation. If development like this continues, travelers will search beyond the mass tourism resorts. They will keep searching for the real cultural and natural heritage of such a beautiful country. Unfortunately, once new havens are discovered and become popular, mass tourism will follow unless measures are taken now to curb the spread.

Was there not a single plot of land in the whole country that a hotel group could have purchased aside from a sacred burial ground? That is criminal...bringing the concept of unethical tourism to a shocking low-blow level.

Tourism should not be all or nothing for local communities. There's got to be more collaboration and preparation for the bulldozing and onslaught of visitors.

I hope all stakeholders will recognize the the serious dangers of this free for all. I hope they will take a look at both the good and bad cases of increased tourism around the world and start making plans to preserve their distinctive legacy now.

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