Deep Survival with Laurence Gonzales #5 How Hypersensitivity Can Save Your Life - National Geographic ADVENTURE



I really liked the post and the stories are really thanks for sharing the informative post.


I'm a whitewater boater, and Deep Survival explained so much about why people choose to do "extreme sports," explained a lot of stuff that I and my friends have never been able to articulate. I just discovered this blog and will not only keep it bookmarked but will send the link to friends. Looking forward to Everyday Survival!

Lance Robson

This article explains alot about the clarity of witness observations of disasters, as well as my own reactions to the ordinary and the exceptional.


Wow, excellent insights and article.

The way you related this phenomenon to the experience of a developing child is of particular importance to me as a parent and teacher. Thank you.

P.S. I am re-reading Deep Survival right now by coincidence but hadn't heard about Everyday Survival - bonus!


Great article. A few years ago I started an adventure club for just the reasons stated above. At the time, some friends told me they were, "too old for that sort of thing." Now, those same women are the ones leading us on the wildest adventures. Trying new things brings back the kid in you.

pat smith

Cool. The thing about kids especially. I need to remember this when my 4-year old takes FOREVER to stuff. Or when he can't seem to watch where he's going, looking instead at who knows what off to the side.


Really amazing article -- thank you!


Great article. Loved the first book, will grab the second. keep these articles coming. I appreciate them when they come out!

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