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February 08, 2012


David Ng

Amazing experience! Very useful post to every one! Looking forward to see you next post!

David Ng

Wow! Thank you very much for your sharing!
They are great for adventure tours!
easy and great to cook!


This is absolutely awesom!


thank you for sharing article! it is amazing,I used to be a professional tour guide and had a lot of adventure tours to the remote areas of Vietnam.i had to cook for my passengers as well.


It looks very easy to prepare and convenient to bring when traveling to real remote areas on adventure trips


I am really impressed with the clip.I used to be a professional tour guide and had a lot of adventure tours to the remote areas of Vietnam.i had to cook for my passengers as well.

This is very useful for us.

Thank you!



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veryyy good xD good delicious )))

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cool tips xD thx u


Wow this is amazing outdoor cooking tutorial and recipe. It is relatively fast and easy plus most of the materials and ingredients are pretty simple and can be found in your pantry! Looks like it does taste good too. Do you offer recipes for vegans and vegetarians as well?


Thanks for the recipe. Those grits look good. Great for camping. If I make them at my house, I will probably add a little cheese (and maybe some shrimp).

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Nice video and article, I think it is a necessary food for outdoor lovers. Thanks for sharing.


Man! you made me starve. Nice video.

Le rayon vert du soleil

Lol, now i'm so hungry ! Great recipe i will trying a while with friends next week .

Thank's !


Great video, but I have something to say: could you make some vegan recipes in future as well?

Because I'm on the way to become a vegan - it means no animal products like milk, eggs and meat!

Nevertheless thank you for this recipe, maybe someone in my family's can use it :)

Nile River Cruises

Made me hungry!! Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks, now I'm starving :))

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Thanks for sharing all these with us....They are so great!!!

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This is absolutely awesom! Great work! thank u

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