Maestri Unbolted Update: Climber David Lama Frees Cerro Torre's Compressor Route - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 02, 2012


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Wow, it is exciting and amazing to do that kind of sports, I think it is dangerous. Hope god will bless the players.

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Beautiful scenery, brave people, both of them make me feel relax, it is not easy to do that though.


Great climbing. David, I also hope that you've tried to leave the place as you found it.

Account Deleted

Spectaculous hills, fantastic bravery of men. Would like a few motivation of waking time - see these types of pictures.
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B. Johnston

Congratulations David Lama!
The most beautiful mountain of the Andes
is yours! I take my hat off to you!
An old argentinian climber.

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Congratulation David Lama for your great adventure.


This is like a clip hanger, too dangerous folks.

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Spectaculous mountains, great courage of men. Want some inspiration for the day - see these pictures.

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Great post with wonderful adventure information.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventuture.

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This is great man, you are consider so brave. I salute to you.

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This is one of the dangerous adventure, look like a cliff hanger.


Red bull all over the world? :)

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