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February 17, 2012


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It is a very cool clothes for outdoors, I guess it must be very expensive. I have never used this kind of clothes before. Anyhow, thanks for sharing the info here, it is very useful.

David Ng

Very useful post to every one!

Kayak Expert

That looks pretty nifty! A bit expensive, but it's probably worth it. Is this advisable jacket for paddlers and the like?


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says mountain guide Melissa Arnot.Do your like?

academia research

good! very informative post !!!

adventure tours india

Nice post!
Thanks for sharing

Offset Printer

I couldn't believed that this jacket is from 1936. It looks much newer. Anyway great post.

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Nice clothes and nice article, I think it is very suitable for sports guys to wear this clothes when they are outside.


This jacket was made for those days,” says mountain guide Melissa Arnot.Do your like?

Sai Krishna

thanks for sharing amazing & useful to everybody. Thanks again

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