Dean Potter on Flying Like a Bird, the Art of Not Falling, and His Nat Geo Show (Airing 2/12 at 8 p.m.) - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 07, 2012


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Nice video and article, I often watch this kind of videos, I admire these people's courages.

David Ng

Great! I have not seen this before! Amazing!

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I can not believe my eyes. You guys must have nerves of diamond. So admired!


Amazing foto...


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Walking on the rope is another name of adventure that was really daring to walk on the rope at this height.

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How daring the people in the picture is, I admire his courage, I think he is the warrior.


That picture is awesome!

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Thank U for what you did!!!! What amazing experience!!!

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Wow! it is amazing


not just pleasant to read but definitely astonishing and nerve breaking in a way. And by the way, I love how Mikey captured the moon. You guys are great!

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Written simply and tastefully. It’s pleasant to read.Thank U!

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