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January 24, 2012


David Ng

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My Adventure Personality Type is Artisan and Guardian.

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Great article...seems like fun.

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Great adventure, next time i want to try that.


I am a rational. I first took the test in high school not knowing what it was. Later on in college my psych professor had me take it again. After that I bought Keirsey's book Please Understand Me II. Each of 4 temperaments have 4 different variations. Mine is Rational Mastermind.Reading that section on Rationals was like reading my life story-everything from childhood to love and relationships.

I'm usually the one planning trips and logistics when me and friend go hiking. There is always a plan, a backup plan, and a backup plan for the backup plan.lol

Carolyn O'Neil

I am scared just reading this...what kind of adventurer am I? What's the category for
...I don't want to die? get cold? or get hurt? or see a snake?

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Dealing with an artisan, rational, guardian or idealist within the the team during adventure is somewhat challenging but fun


never thought about it. thank u

John Falchetto

Interesting this reminds me of Jung's archetypes, the hero, the explorer, the innocent, etc..
Each one of us is living a story, the one we tell ourselves and also want others to believe.
Most of these stories are archetypes, and they are always present around us. In movies, Indiana Jones is the explorer archetype, Yoda is the sage, etc..

Applying this approach to adventure partners is powerful Steve. My first business was an outdoor coaching consultancy and we used adventure as a way to reveal the archetypes our corporate clients were living.

Reading about elite-athletes and their persona is a great idea.

Steve Graepel

Full disclosure - I'm an INFP, which makes me an Idealist.

Interesting findings: Rebecca, Michael and Andrew are all introverts. They typically 'recharge' after taking time alone.

Funny, Andrew placed 2nd at Leadville 100 Trail Run after he came back from walking around Iceland for a month. The following year he won the Alaska Wilderness Mountain Challenge (180 miles in 3.75 days) after walking solo around SW Alaska.

Talking with her (past) coach, Rebecca excels at following a detailed coaching plan. If its not on the plan, she doesn't do it. As a result, she's really good at rest days (something many other elite athlete's find hard to do).


Being that just a couple months ago I took my MB test for fun, I have to say considering in terms of being an adventurer is even more fun.

I can see a little bit of myself in all of these but more than anything I'm the Artisan. Two months ago I went on a 30 mile longboard trip after having taught myself how to ride on the damn thing 2 weeks prior. I knew I'd figure it out. But I also had an experienced person along with me who I had no problem having them lead the way, so the Idealist is in me too. :)

Great article! Great way of thinking about things! Who you travel with and how you travel is a HUGE part of the adventure itself, and the chemistry of mixing theme can render some pretty interesting concoctions.

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