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January 29, 2012


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@BruceHildenbrand read the article again. They clipped into Maestri anchors, not bolts, on the ASCENT, and at places where building their own anchors were entirely possible. Declaring their use of those anchors (and why) is good style.

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Hi Hayden Kennedy and Jason Kruk,
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I have been on the top of Fanxipan in sapa Vietnam! Amazing when I reached to the top 3143 m!


Thank you David Roberts and Kathryn Sall for posting such an informative article.This truly widens our adventure knowledge.

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All the music in the film, even if it wasn’t played on a guitar, was all developed from guitar, mostly solo guitar. So that very much inhabits the film.

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Sono felicissimo per quello che avete fatto, era ora che questa meravigliosa montagna venisse liberata da quei vergognosi chiodi che profanavano la sua immensa bellezza. la montagna deve essere pura e l'alpinismo deve essere rispettoso della montagna. chi non sa salire il Torre senza chidi a pressione può stare a casa o salire la Presolana. Chi vuole salire usando un trapano o peggio ancora le trapanate di un altro, non capisce l'alpinismo e non capisce nemmeno se stesso. Grazie, grazie ancora ragazzi.


should not excuse ourselves from than ever, mountaineering and human, towards those who went before us.

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I can not stop prasing this beautiful scenery, If I have the ability and the chance I will also go there to enjoy the natture and to be far away from the noisy city life.


It seemed appropriate, somehow, that by its existence the Comp' Route was a form of temptation - test yourself, resist, or succumb. Try to convince yourself you'd done a real climb, but know that you were always compromising something.

In many ways, Maestri's taint on that mountain contaminates the route to this day; his ghost* darkens the ridge and the hearts of climbers, so that no matter how the thing is approached, something bad and unsavory comes along. The mountain is great, and legendary, but that route is cursed, perhaps best left unrepeated and ignored, whatever one's ostensible style.
* even if he's not dead yet!
(abbrev. from my post on Greg Crouches site)

Sebastian de la Cruz

Good article ! As one that climbed that route I never felt proud of it because was too easy for a mountain such Cerro Torre. Now the magic is back ! Thanks K & K guys to have made the job ! Seba

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