Extreme Photo of the Week: Ice Climber Chad Peele on First Ascents in Norway's Fjord Country - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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January 10, 2012



Gorgeous!Nice post.


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I wonder ask whether this picture is real or not, I really doubt it.

Travel Stars

I like the picture, kinda afraid of heights so i wouldn't try it myself.

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This is so scary, i can't imagine myself doing this

Seth Zaharias

First ascents are sooooooo much fun! Being somewhere that no human has ever been before is a very rare and special experience. Very different from climbing established routes.

Many hours and days to prep, but a lifetime memory and a place in history is the reward. Worth the cost of admission if you ask me.

Good job guys!

Seth Zaharias


i like this article


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I just admire such people and their courage and bravery! Well done


I feel cold just looking at that picture.

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oh i was amazed. i want to try that but i'm afraid because its so dangerous.

B. Viar

Oh wow that is totally overwhelming. I wonder how it feels. Amazing picture!

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It looks cool but dangerous...I am envious of it..

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