Snowboarder Jeremy Jones on Protect Our Winters - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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December 08, 2011



What a nice talk.Enjoyed it very much.

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Nice clip and nice talk.

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With more and more groups like Protect Our Winters we will win the fight against climate change.

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Man that was high, i salute these guys what a display of bravery

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Seth Zaharias

TGR makes such good movies! Very well done trailer and cool project! Love the high school classes!

Seth Zaharias

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A big thank you to Jeremy and Protect Our Winters to their tenacious work to combat climate change


Well what can i say i just enjoy reading the posts here....Love our Plant and it will love us back!


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I just want to add: the biggest lack and the biggest frustration was they are not leveraging their power on Congress.


Really great, but a lifestyle like that must be vesy stressful :)

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