Afghanistan’s Highest Mountain Reopened to Climbers - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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August 10, 2011



The 68-year-old British actor previously told The Associated Press that he would hate to see anyone else play the role.

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Combined with improved security conditions in the district, Noshaq is now again open for climbing.

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I regard him today as perhaps the greatest mountaineer of all time. But beyond that, he was a kind, thoughtful, and generous man. The bitterness of K2 had not soured him.


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The 68-year-old British actor previously told The Associated Press that he would hate to see anyone else play the role.


The reopening of Noshaq will attract real climbers.Thanks the writer for the information.

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The reopening of Noshaq is one of many projects undertaken by WCS to help the government of Afghanistan promote and protect its natural wonders.

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two dangerous meet together Afghanistan and ice covered mountain.

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wow very good news for climber that cover mountain and Afghanistan as well.

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laying of landmines in Noshaq Valley during the country’s civil war in the 1990s further isolated this enormous mountain.Chicago plumbing

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Afghanistan that are very safe from a security standpoint, and where tourism is already providing jobs and improved livelihoods for local people while providing an incentive to protect the country’s fragile environment and wildlife..

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The trail to summit of Noshaq now open to mountaineers as the Wildlife Conservation Society and others anticipate return of tourism to the mountain. Photograph by Anthony Simms/WCS Afghanistan Program

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WCS has also initiated the construction of predator-proof livestock corrals and a livestock insurance program that compensates shepherds thanks.

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WCS has trained 59 community rangers to monitor not only snow leopards but other species including Marco Polo sheep and ibex while enforcing laws against poaching.

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Good to hear Noshaq is now open, but how safe is it as of now?

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Technical Advisor, and supported by The North Face/AG Outdoor Adventure Grant for 2011.

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The expedition organized to help raise awareness of the beauty of Afghanistan’s natural resources and usher in a return of the tourism industry to this war-torn nation.

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