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July 05, 2011


David Ng



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This is good advice. Actually, it was very helpful for me that time when I was been in the camp.

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Finally spring in the Rocky Mountains, and I am about to head on a five-week expedition in the Wind River range, where I will find a high mountain meadows carpeted with wildflowers.


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I’ve been using Body Armor in the camp. It is really protects me from insect bites.

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I have lemon eucalyptus in my bag pack. Actually, I’ve been using this almost a year from now when we have expeditions.

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Only thing I found that works is a hight concretration of Deet, but wash it off that same day. Never had any isuues with it except the smell.

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To replenish your reservoir, stick close to potable water sources or carry a water purification system.

Brianna Olds

Is DEET really okay? If it's all media hype that it's bad where did all that originate from?

Brianna Olds
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I've used Picaridin on the road for a couple of years now. While nothing is foolproof, it has helped reduce the mozzie bites and such. I spray it liberally on self and synthetic clothing/gear w/o care which is a great plus! Besides, it's also a product endorsed by the WHO to boot.


Quick word to the wise - long sleeves and pants do not guarantee a bite-free day! Some mosquitoes and other flying blood-suckers will actually effectively bite through clothing. It does deter some, though.


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Mosquitoes - The Pacific Coast of MexicoMany repellants are not effective on these tropical mosquitoes. One that is effective is called Autan classic and is manufactured by Bayer de Mexico. ...


I found that some antibug-stuff work better than others in sertain areas, but not in other areas. EG what is grate in Mozambique reacts like a bait in Angola.

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Only thing I found that works is a hight concretration of Deet, but wash it off that same day. Never had any isuues with it except the smell.

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