Kiteboarding Hawaii: How to Deal With Shark (and Grizzly) Encounters - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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July 27, 2011


David Ng


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The open ocean channels are the territory of the notorious oceanic, white-tip shark, an opportunistic predator that has killed more humans than all other species of shark combined.

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There’s no landfall on other points of sail for the Hawaiian inter-island kite boarder, except perhaps Tahiti, Australia, or Japan.


It's so much fun to explore the great outdoors and experience a dose of local wildlife encounter.
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Once close enough to use, the bear is already checking you out and your chances aren't as good. It also, doesn't work so well if the bear is upwind of you.

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These can be used at a nice, safe distance and when fired off sound like a kick-ass gun shot, which should send just about anything running for the hills.

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I'm too scared of underwater creatures that's why I don't learn to kite boarding.


I have illusions about Grizzly knife fight, a good shot in a sensitive area may send a single stroke, it is hoped, will give us both alive.


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