Shark Jumping the Surfer Viral Video—Amazing or Mundane? Surfrider Weighs In - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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June 28, 2011


David Ng


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After watching the clip,i do enjoy reading the comments.That's true:Many men,many minds.

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Oh my, that was scary! I won't dare to surf with sharks.

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Man Ray

That looked more like a bird coming out of the water, because of the span of its fins, and it's flapping moving. The Surfer was lucky that the shark just felt like showing-off.

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I'm from Florida and this type of stuff is nothing new to us! Sharks are always doing crazy things and I still don't understand why people still stay out there in the water with the sharks knowing that they are out there, it's crazy around here!

Great video though

lego 3182

I don't think it's a funny video. It may be funny to those who just watched and not the one who's in concern...


I thought at first it's a dolphin, jezzz... I didn't know sharks jump like that..


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Lol so fake

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Remarkable video - is it really real?

James Clark

It sure beats The Fonz jumping the shark.

Calvin Klein

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That must have scared the surfer somewhat, shame there was not an interview with him. Imagine seeing a shark come flying at you with its teeth showing!

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