Everest 2011: Edurne Pasaban's Report on the Dramatic Rescue of Friends on Lhotse - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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June 06, 2011


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I absolutely love to go hiking. The great outdoors is a wonderful place to explore and to go to for some peace of mind. There are so many spectacular views, vistas, scenic areas and landscapes around the world; all of which are definitely worth seeing.

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A compromise between Nepal and China last year concluded with Nepal measuring Everest’s snowcap at 8,848 meters, while China’s figure measures the mountain’s rock peak.

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Mt Everest stuns with it's beauty, but it's very dangerous out there. Climbing Mt. Everest is like risking your life.


is it in the morning?
the mountain looks so quiet.


looking for see more

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the story was great

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wow ... I m gallery up there in 3 period not as mellow as that though may be island tip , After a few health scares this period ...Its reading to elastic aliveness ..

a wonderful tarradiddle that pretending how affection for the mountain is so valuable ... how Alt symptom does not severalise and how we as humans are prefabricated of soul and heart ... twined togther with a small deception that is the enliven of survival...


wow ... I m heading up there in 3 age not as screechy as that tho' may be island place , After a few upbeat scares this assemblage ...Its experience to whippy history ..

a wonderful news that pretense how reckon for the elevation is so heavy ... how Height symptom does not censer and how we as humans are prefab of feeling and disposition ... twined together with a minuscule performance that is the temperament of selection...


its really amazing and outstanding story i like it very much and read it many time and refer my friends also

Gary Darbyshire

wow ... I m heading up there in 3 years not as high as that though may be island peak , After a few health scares this year ...Its time to live life ..

a wonderful story that show how respect for the mountain is so important ... how Altitude sickness does not discriminate and how we as humans are made of soul and heart ... twined togther with a little magic that is the spirit of survival...

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Jeff Heimbuch

Amazing...so glad that this has a happy ending as opposed to the usual. Great work, Sherpas and teams!


marvelous story and i like it allot

Account Deleted

exelant story.

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