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April 28, 2011


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Witnesses who left on another boat shortly afterwards reported seeing remnants of the ship and the bodies of passengers in the sea


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Kayaking seems dangerous..

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I think swimming—kayaking is about boat control and water knowledge and I'm glad I found here informations regarding both aspects of loving this sport.

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Kuth Race for the trip, are more powerful. In British Columbia, Skookumchuck the Strait and Nova Scotia Shubenacadie River room of the house, the size of development time just lazy.


Thanks! The Astoria is quite steep and continuous so it can be intimidating,especially at high flows. The lower section below the 93A bridge (shown here) is a bit of a boulder bash whereas the upper part runs through a canyon full of truly gnarly whitewater. Be sure to work up to it - the river will always be there.
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