For World's Coldest Surf Competitions, Surfers Take on Frigid Swells in New Zealand, Scotland - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 06, 2011



Enjoyed the writing very much.Thanks mate.

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Surfing is consider good sport but not easy to do, but how about if together with a stunt. This guy must be so expert.

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That was pretty cool. The stunt is so amasing.

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It's fun to rent a surf camper van when exploring the coast of New Zealand!

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Time to get out the oneill superfreaks ! 45 degrees is cold !


This is enlightening. Here I thought that only in California where surfers surf.

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nice shot!


beautiful but dangerous travelling
looking for see more

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That’s pretty spot on

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I miss surfing, cant wait to visit Australia next month

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Speaking of sharks, have you heard about that new movie coming out called "Soul Surfer" about that 21-year-old girl who lost her left arm in 2003 and still kept surfing? I'd be so traumatized after an experience like that. I give major props to all the dedicated "soul surfers" out there who can endure the intensity the ocean and the waves can sometimes bring. I only wish I had your courage.


the term "surfing competition" brings sharks to mind.
in some surfing movies, it usually happened that sharks always hiding in the waves, tag after the surfer and waiting for a chance to attack the surfer......

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