Everest 2011: Sherpa Puja Ceremony to Honor the Mountain (Photos) - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 12, 2011



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Looks like an incredible experience! Thanks for sharing it.

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It looks like a colorful feast. The locals do have a ceremony, right?

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Are you a person that likes to go on expeditions in mountains? I've always been curious of this and need someone that I can ask a few questions to.....


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Hi!! This is an amazing post. Great, that you took some photos of puja. All the photos are fabulous. Decoration in that Ice mountain is really awesome!! ThanX for sharing!!!

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Picture are taking very nicely. This Sherpa puja is done for ice fall on everest.


These are some great shots. It must be hard to be on those ladders with the ice picks on.


Wow ! These are nice photographs of Sherpa Puja Ceremony to Honor the Mountain. Ice mountain really like so wonderful and amazing. Thanks for sharing such a nice photographs with us.

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This is the starting point for all Everest expeditions.

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