Elephant Ivory Project: Explorers Finally Find Ample Elephant Dung, Begin Journey Home - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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April 26, 2011


Silver Coast

Can't wait for the next thrilling installment.

Vuelos Liverpool

Thanks for sharing


interesting project. i feel like doing an adventure like this maybe with other animals' dung? lol! really, it was a great project ;)

Jemmayel Ledesma

Thank you for the information from your sites. An exciting activity. Where is your next destination.

Jezreel Ricafort

Nowadays GPS gadgets is very important during our travel especially if you are going to another place that you are not so familiar. I like the way you organizing an event, its a nice project interacting with africans and teachinh them a lot of things like using a GPS.

Modern BCAA

I can be without a GPS now with these added feature this unit is awesome. It would be great to get hotel reviews in the area you are visiting.

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This tour should titled "elephant dung trip". Besides joke this is not a trip for dung but the trip for knowledge about them.


Gosh, you have to travel to Africa just to get elephant dung.

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great story telling!



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Tracking elephant is not that easy...specially in a wild forest.


Actually, in Africa, there are many people have to face the dangers of the animals...


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Your project topic is quite interesting a Ivory project on elephant. By seeing your all picture I feel that your really enjoyed to working for this project. I really impressed from your work and effort to make best project on it.

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such places are beautiful
but poor


It is such a good Elephant Ivory Project. I see all the photographs. All the pictures are so nice and amazing. This type of human-elephant conflict is one of the greatest threats.


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