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March 08, 2011



Roz, for her determination and inspiration. She's living proof that nothing has to stand in the way between you & your dreams. Go, go, go Girl


Alison Gannett. We all know of Alison's amazing skiing ability and her tireless pursuit of saving our snow and natural resources, but I especially admire her for her mentorship of female outdoor enthusiasts. Her Rippin Chix Ski Camps and Mountain Biking clinics are a great introduction and growth promotion for women into sports. Kudos to her for all her efforts!!

Roztafarian Bill

Roz Savage, the most courageous, has a clear purpose and unbeatable determination.


Edurne Pasaban without a doubt!! She's an amazing athlete, expedition manager, and public speaker, who handles all aspects of her expeditions/climbs. Moreover, she is the first woman to accomplish what only 21 men in the world have done. If she summits Everest again this spring, she will be the 11th person overall and the 1st woman to summit all 14 peaks without supplemental oxygen.


Steph Davis !!!! She ROCKS!!!!

Holly Rubinoff

Alison Gannett


Roz Savage would get my vote because not only does she practice what she "preaches" ... she inspires beyond compare! She's an amazing communicator who manages to humbly and colorfully describe her personal adventures and experiences in such a way as to inspire other individuals to get busy doing what THEY are "called" to do to help improve the world around us.


GO GIRLS ! So proud of you all...
Great that you all inspire us all,,,
have been watching/listening/being
inspired by ROZ for awhile now and
would like to cast my vote for ROZ!
and, keep on helping us all to love
the EARTH... Carol in Oregon


Alison Gannett leads by example and forges new paths in so many more aspects of life than skiing, she's got my vote!

Mark Clifton

Roz gets my vote!

justin t.

Roz is inspirational.

Account Deleted

Circumnavigator Jessica Watson...
She deserves a lot for her achievements at such a tender age..
check this out:


I admire all of these women and their achievements, but I have personal connections with two which began through The Climate Project: Roz and Alison are near and dear to my heart!

Kimberly Gannett

Alison Gannett lives and breathes everything she says and teaches. First a skier and now an organic farmer and teacher, she bought a farm last spring and hasn't been to the grocery store since! She inspires, helps women/girls around the world believe in themselves. Alison teaches me every day how I can cut my carbon footprint and live my dreams so that hopefully my kids will be able to enjoy some of the same treasures in our world.

Dave Cornthwaite

Sarah Outen might just deserve a place on this list!

Anne Marie

Alison Gannett

Brad Sigler

Alison Gannett - Tireless environmental advocate, world class athlete, farmer, motivator, teacher.

The great thing about Alison is that she truly lives what she espouses. Whether lobbying members of Congress on climate change, teaching people about real world energy conservation ideas, or motivating women to break through barriers at her Rippin' Chix camps, her authenticity is readily apparent and her sense of fun is infectious.

The biggest tribute that I can give about Alison as an adventurer is that her efforts have inspired many, including myself, to lead a more adventurous life.

Abigail Levendusky

Alison Gannett ROCKS!

Best Aspen Deals

Well, they are all impressive! Voting for Gretchen Bleiler – giving back is where it’s at.


Allison Gannett...adventurous, crusader and generous spirit!

Louisa Schibli

another vote for Alison Gannett!!

posey nelson

alison gannett for sure...she is saving the planet, besides adventuring!


alison gannett without a doubt they forgot to mention she also runs a farm and founded several non-profits!

James Mills

Mijka Burhardt and Shannon Glapin definitely need to make the list


Alison Gannett has my and my family's admiration for everything she does on and off the snow!

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