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March 08, 2011


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Just released: Former NGA contributor Joe Glickman's has written Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent. It's about Freya Hoffmeister's 332-day paddle around Australia.


Fran Warsalla

I read a book about a woman who ,I believe, circumnavigated the North Pole - just her and a dog. She later wrote about a similar trip with her husband and a dog. Does anyone know who she is or the name of the books? She was from the United States. Thanks for any help.

joe glickman

what about Freya Hoffmeister. In 2009 she became only the 2nd person to circumnavigate Australia by kayak; she was the first woman and first to do it without a support vechile. upping the ante, she's currently paddling around South America. her oz trip is documented in a new book called Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent.

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I like essica Watson not for her courage but intense courage in teen age. Her yatch struck with bulk in first night of her journey , but she made it complete.

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Circumnavigators are my favorite. Jessica Watson had a controversial image for her travelling plan but when she completed her 210 days journey and came with smiling face no one can believe her courage but they have to.

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Circumnavigator Jessica Watson creates a great mark on her name at her age of 16, and beyond anybody else.....I consider Jessica as the No.1.

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My Favorite is Rower Roz Savage.Last April that 43-year old environmentalist Roz Savage targeted the Indian Ocean – her only worries are the Somali pirates. Otherwise, she is her confident self....Keep it up Roz..!

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nora the biking bean

go alison gannett! Not only an international fearless adventurer and teacher, but also an organic farmer! Way to inspire!


First noted as one of our Adventurers of the Year for her love of backcountry snowboarding, the Olympic silver medalist recently went on a South Africa trip with Oakley


the mountains are so beautiful there


Anastasia Ashley!

sarah uhl

Alison Gannett. She is as kind as she is fearless and extreme. She is as human as she is an athlete. She gets it. She knows there is more to sport and that sport and admirable accomplishments are the portal to bigger, deeper more universal questions that affect all of us- not just the athletes salivating for her grandure in the extremes of her sports success.

Mike S

Jessica Watson without a doubt....around the world by herself at such a young age...young girls need a role model their own age group these days....that young lady fits that description perfectly. All the others are good but this young girl is indeed great !!!


Alison all the way. She's inspiring with how she's learning and pushing herself to lead a more sustainable life. She doesn't claim to know how to do everything, but takes the time to jump in with both feet and learn by submersion. What I like is that she's not judgemental and can make the often daunting task of trying to be more sustainable more manageable by offering easy steps we can all take.

LouPhi versatile explorer

In my opinion, the list is way too short and biased. There are so many more women out there who are doing incredible adventures and do not make the big international headlines. For biased: I don't consider skier, surfer, snowboarder... as adventurers. It's a sport, even if sometimes extreme, it's not adventure. But for sure all women on the list are surely great.

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