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March 02, 2011


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Well yes. This is my favorite. I love it. I go for lake cumping every year. This is awesome.

Clint Rowley

This tent looks like it would take care of one of my least favorite parts of camping. To be honest it's not so much the setting up that bother me, it's taking the tent back down again. I can never seem to get it to fit back into the back the way that it was before.


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I remember camping with my relatives..mmmh that was last march I remember. It was fun, and I love doing it again this christmas....Family bonding time is far more cool than hanging out with my friends. Well, I love my friends and they're all nice to me...but Christmas is a perfect time to be with my family...and to be filled with love.

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"Going back to the corner where I first saw you gonna camp in my sleeping bag I'm not gonna move..." a lyrics of my favorite song. I so miss those time when we were still close with my college friends...we always hang every camping, fishing...miss you guys.

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lightweight tents

camping tents are the most delicate to handle and set up, therefore you must choose a really reliable camping tents


Just pop the tent into position and move on to more critical tasks, such as getting dinner started or finding a good place to catch the sunset.

Coleman Instant Tent 8-14" x 10'

I been camping and setting up tents for about 30 years. I like the fact that this tent sets up quicker. I heard from some people who own this tent that it thats longer then 60 sec to set up but he had it up in 3 mins. Thats still good in my book.

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It´s always my job to put up the tent so this would make it a whole lot easier!


i like camping!
especially near some water to fish!!

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This sounds amazing... It is always tough for me to take my boys out and control them while we set up the tent. This may save me a lot of gray hairs.


The four-person version is TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS??? It's a little heavy is a bit of an understatement. What is this thing made of, chain mail? For $200 you can get something much better than a cheap chinese-made Coleman tent.

Dutch Harbor Alaska

It´s always my job to put up the tent so this would make it a whole lot easier!

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This a great product for adventurer person like me I love camping in Baguio during holiday season.

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