Everest 2011: Flight of the Climbers - Dave Hahn Guides a Father-Daughter Duo on Everest Attempt - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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March 28, 2011


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It was great and fun adventure on top of the mountain.

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Climbing is a good adventure that once you achieve it you can tell the world that "I have an extra ordinary experience" All of you guys is so great.


I can imagine that the journey was even better because you achieved this with your daughter. Absolutely brilliant, my kids won't even venture off the sofa, so great achievement.


I cannot think of anything more exciting than climbing up a mountain. Well done.


I think that you have to be either brave or just mad to attempt Everest, it is one hell of an achievement if you do it, but many obstacles to come across before the end is reached. Good Luck

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I wish these 2 the best, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Enjoy the milk tea!
The youngest up Everest was Romero at 13. I was there in '71 when things seemed less disturbed. I think though that Everest has become a kind of commodity with 4000 plus summits, lots of garbage and quite a few dead bodies. It would be nice to see it cleaned up with perhaps a climbing moratorium. But, rupees rule.


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so excited

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Thanks for such a great post and the review, I am totally impressed! Keep stuff like this coming.

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Great article! One of my dreams is to be at the peak of Mount Everest. I hope it will happen. I'll save money for it. Thanks for posting and I'll be anticipating for more posts.


Get ready to fly good and early tomorrow morning, up from 4,000 feet in Kathmandu to 9,200 feet in Lukla before the air gets cloudy and turbulent.

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