Elephant Ivory Project: Explorers Begin Jungle Motorcycle Trek to Collect Elephant Dung—and Confront Enraged Poacher - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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March 29, 2011



Poaching needs to be stopped. Good luck with the project.

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Poaching is illegal, right? There's no law there that prohibits?

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This show looks amazing, I am going to have to find it on youtube, hopefully it is there, well at least some of it will be.

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That fire looked pretty wild. Not sure how safe all that would be.

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I wonder how you guys bring all your documentation stuffs with you during your search for that elephant ivory project, and how you survive in the middle of the wild jungle in Obenge....and the simplest question of how did you prepare your foods? or maybe you're bringing with you too a Electric Heating for cooking.

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beautiful but dangerous travelling
looking for see more


bad ass guys. love it.
good luck out there and come back safe.

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Keep up the good work that you are doing. It's a dangerous trip you are embarking on, but it sounds so exciting. The experience of this journey will be worth it!

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The team will go deep into the jungle of the Democratic Republic of Congo, a notoriously unstable country thought to be a large source of illegal ivory, to collect DNA from samples of elephant scat. Dr. Wrasse will analyze the DNA and match it with DNA from illegal ivory seizures, enabling him to identify where the poached elephants lived.

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This sounds like a very dangerous trip you are embarking on. Is the African government providing you with military security? Is their government funding your efforts?

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