Australia Adventure Guide: The Gold Coast's Surfing, Hiking, and Creeping "Fellas" - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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March 25, 2011



Very high quality article.

Hermes Birkin

Really liked your article, very exciting, and gives a lot of thinking, I hope you can see more of your article, thank you

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Thank you for your artice, it is wonderful. Wish you have a happy day.

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This photo is awesome, great shot


It seems like an awesome adventure... though it might not suit everyone. But hey, I'm quite interested in learning how to surf. Might as well make this an upcoming New Year's resolution to try out something new. It would be an adventure deal of a lifetime. :D
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It is great adventure but very scary. I love adventure but this one im so scare. But nice posting. Thanks.

Healthy Options

It is nice adventure to try, bad it is very dangerous.

Where is Singapore

This is a great and exciting adventure but one of the scariest.

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Get some new lspace bikinis ! The water is warm.

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It is one of the interesting adventure found in Australia, the surfing it is one of the famouse there, next time i would like to try it for my next visit to australia.

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Noosa national park is another great Queensland break that never ceases to impress me. Such as picturesque place to surf.

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These kind of post are always inspiring and I prefer to read quality content so I happy to find many good point here in the post

Geoff Keall

Great piece on Queensland Tetsuhiko.

You say "Needless to say, I’m coming back to Queensland as soon as I can, and next time, I’m going to take more care to avoid all the “fellas.”

Next time we look forward to you travelling a bit further up the coast for an adventure holiday in Hervey Bay; particularly exploring Fraser Island and some of the surrounding artificial reefs.

Check us out at Hervey Bay where a holiday or vacation is one big adventure.

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For me Australia is one of the best places to travel. I am planning to have my vacation in there. I am sure that I will have to enjoy my vacation and adventures on that place.

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Took me awhile to read all the comments, but I really love the article. It proved to be very useful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here!

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I've always wanted to try longboarding. Australia sounds like a great place!

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I have heard from friends that Gold Coast is a great place to visit during vacation. Your post has definitely given me an insight of what we can expect from there. Too bad I am not a surfer although I am a good swimmer. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Adventure Racing

Thanks for sharing your adventure. I thought of trying one of it. As you have said it just sound like that Gold Coast is just a beautiful place to enjoy things.

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Gold Coast is the no.1 place of adventure here in Australia. Every summer, with my friends we visit the place and stayed for a couple of days...for adventure, fun and bonding time...Perfect!

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It is a great view underwater. I love the waves and I love to learn surfboarding but I don't know how to swim. I hope to learn soon during this summer.

longchamp Le Pliage

beautiful but dangerous travelling
looking for see more

Paul Bikehike

UNderwater it's great scenic but endangered as well. Surfing is really sporty to go for! Amazing!

Paul Adventure Travel

I always like to surf. A long board it is the best way to start just because it is easy. But there is a little fear to play with water


Why did it call a gold coast? Is there a great sun set or sun rise? well i see that is a great beach in Australia, i think it is a great experience to to see that beach.

Account Deleted

Gold coast can make your trip tremendous and full with adventure as there are various fun activities which you can opt for. So, look for the best deals online in Gold coast and enjoy your stay.

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