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February 24, 2011



Nice post mate!Thanks a lot!


Your site is important; the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about.

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Apple has added significant new features to iPad 2—such as the front- and back-facing cameras

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For example, the long-awaited Verizon iPhone 4, which launched earlier this month, has this feature.

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They solve our every logistical conundrum: Where should we eat? (Yelp.) Where are you now? (Beluga.) Where am I? (Google Maps.)

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Its screen is very big and it has very long battery timing period i love this this is a great invention by a man kind:-))

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We get more than just the solution of a mystery and a new interpretation of history and current events - we get the dark gift of prophecy.

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Random Wi-Fi charges in airports and hotels are a thing of the past. Cut these to expenses from your life and you stand to save a good deal of money over time.


Technology is an amazing thing, but sometimes, we need to remember to take a step back from it and be hassle free.


There doesn't seem to be anywhere on earth sacred anymore where we can get away from technology such as mobile phones.


What a great place to find a WiFi hotspot, nothing better than being able to travel and work at the same time. Plus if you work for your self, then there are simply no limitations to the amount of fun you can have whilst at work.


Good job! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece!


I can see that technology as the biggest impact in the world. Every site I visit they always tackles the technology. Technology has so many things that can do for us.

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I would agree in some parts but not with VERIZON iPhone, I worked in Verizon for couple of years and the don't provide the wide range of your satisfaction.


You gave an idea to make my life easier. I was thinking about this about it never came to a conclusion. Well I guess this is the right time.

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This a really big advantage for all the people that needs more time to work even outside of their house.

Simon Jake Sue

Technology will be more and more sophisticated as time goes by. There will be more to see and upgrades is like a wheel rolling.

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Such a convincing insight, never tried it though because there times that internet signals in our place is not that stable. I like to do for more convenience but I will definitely try it again.

Allen Smith

This is a food for the thoughts, technology is making a lot more easier ways for us to have a better living.

Allison Bryde

This is how great technology we have now. Really convenient and meet all consumer demands. I really appreciate reading your post. Greatly done!


This is a knock off. I definitely agree with you, this an interesting and informative post!

Shandz Diaz

The new technology now is getting more and more advanced, so many things are improved and more improvements are still going on. Very relevant thoughts!

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Other smartphones offer this service, too. There’s usually a monthly fee to have the service.

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