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February 23, 2011


The Ottery Barn

Gah! Yet another reason why I need an iphone. My Motorola Defy is great because its water proof, but the battery is not that great at all.

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That's actually a brilliant idea. I mean, iPhone cases can go from $30-$60 alone, so $80 for a case that actually expands your battery life is a great deal.

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I am on the internet on my phone constantly, which drains the battery faster than anything! And what a great accessory for travel. Thanks for sharing!

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thanks for such a great post... this case is super for my iphone battery life...

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My phone is my daily buddy on my work. One of problem is the battery that is easily drained so fast because I do use my phone almost for calls. I'm so happy that you had made a solution for this.

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Thank you so much for explaining this. I was totally unaware of this issue on Facebook. I was just checking some of my past blogs and found you there. My apologies for never seeing that. Awesome blog Lani, Will be checking back to you soon.

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The iphone 4 and new assecories look so much better then the previous iphones and products

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I want one!

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Great phone for travel! Thanks for sharing..

Diantha Orland

I have this and love it! I get a solid 12 hours out of the phone with constant use... (checking e-mail, surfing the internet)

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Sami M.

definitely going to have to look into that! thanks for sharing!


cool! you are so smart!
thanks for sharing!


It's very impressive! Great article I've just added to my bookmark list.

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This is awesome! I am on the internet on my phone constantly, which drains the battery faster than anything! And what a great accessory for travel. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing.

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this Mophie Pack is really a good way out if u have to kill the time during long flights. i can now listen to music or watch movie without being afraid of gettinng my battery discharged in an hour. and i would strongly recommend this useful addition to all. it's not that expencive, but it will surely help you

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