Surfer Anastasia Ashley on Big-Wave Surfing Hawaii's Waimea Bay - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 08, 2011



Enjoyed the talk so.Thanks a lot.

Surfing in Tahiti

Anastasia charges big waves for sure! Would be epic to see her charge big Teahupoo in Tahiti!

fringe bandeau bikini

Get a fringe bandeau bikini for her !


i haven't tried surfing yet. this sport is so cool, i wish i knew how to swim :( there are great waves also in the philippines but not as big as in hawaii.

Jezreel Ricafort

Anastasia Ashley is one of the sexiest surfer. She very talented and gorgeous. Surfing is one of the best exercise that can helps to our daily life to stay healthy, young and beautiful.

Calvin Klein

beautiful but dangerous travelling


Anastasia Ashley is the best thing for female surfing. Shes smart, beautiful and is a great role model. I can't speak so well for some of the other girls trying to use there body for a pay check. Good luck in all your amazing accomplishments Ms. Anastasia Ashley.

Steve A.

Totally a hottie! Wish that I surfed, or was in Hawai'i to see you enjoying yourself on the waves! I'll just have to settle on the beaches here in SF CA, I guess. Have fun!


Hawaii is somewhere i am dreaming to be
but i am afraid that i will not try surfing
i think it's a little bit dangerous for me

John the travel job hunter

I'm dreaming to be there and play on waves. I'll be there someday....

Facts About Horses

yah. I want to be there someday and enjoy the waves.

Thanks for sharing.



O its great Place for enjoying your holidays..

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