Skiing Report: Going Steep and Deep in Jackson Hole With Olympian Tommy Moe - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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February 03, 2011


background check

"I chose to take people down terrain and runs based on their ability. It's fun to see them progress to more challenging terrain based on their confidence and skill."
agree, having a confidence on you skills will surely make you succeeded in life. two thumbs up to you Tommy Moe!

Background Check

This is really good to know "My approach to skiing hasn't changed much, I still love to ski as much as ever. I especially love untracked powder, wide open groom runs and steep challenging terrain. I backcountry ski in the Tetons all the time and enjoy the serenity of the mountains" more power....

Calvin Klein

beautiful but dangerous travelling


Believe in your own ability and trusting yourself and Look ahead while you are skiing so you can react to the terrain changes and be ready for the slopes in front of you;


skiing is so exciting
and the snow is so beautiful

lucky bamboo

That's very fastidious article. Thank a lots for talking almost it as I am interested in this individual.


Tommy Moe leaves a remarkable event in his journey. Great man!

Discount Cabinets

I am very excited to see the video...

John the job travel hunter

I think believe in his own ability was the main reason that Moe became the first American male skier who win 2 medals in a single Winter Olympics in 1994 at Norway.

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