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February 02, 2011



The article made me so curious.I have to watch the film as soon as possible.
Thank you for the good review.


I've heard of this film and finding this review made me think that there seems to be a good deal going on for this flick. I'll try to find a copy and watch it soon. :)

Melvin Riddick

I waited to see this movie and it surprise me,a good story,it was worth my time. I really enjoyed it.

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i watched this movie such a great movie but sad the dad died!

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I could sense that this movie is some kind of realistic since it has an experience touch on it.

Jezreel Ricafort

A nice story for a traveller doing extra ordinary way of experience. I think not so many people can do like what you did. Nice article. Thanks

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I totally agree with this " Someone’s gotta figure out what to do next. And that’s what I found fascinating. And some of the people who you think would be the leaders at the forefront hunker down and become very quiet and accepting of their fate. It’s fascinating how human dynamics work under extreme pressure." its a nice article for people who likes sea just like me...


Wow, I will look for this film. I'm curious about his story that reflects in this film.

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Yes I agree this is a really good story as I come here a lot to check out the pictures

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this is an excellent story. Thanks for sharing!

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I believe what lures people into cave diving is the amazing sights. Believe me, it is awesome to be there.

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Cool! Underground and underwater sights really amazes me. There are lifeforms around there that we haven't discovered yet.

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Amazing story on how the cave beneath Australia’s Nullarbor Plain was discovered. Andrew Wight is a great man to consider.

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Andrew Wight second life serves as his prize of discovering new cave connection beneath Australia’s Nullarbor Plain...How inspiring..

Calvin Klein

beautiful but dangerous travelling


slightly annoyed about the errors in the writing posted by the interviewer. This is a NG site? Thought it to be more professional - ?


The 3-D movie is definitely an amazing adventure, its like a real underwater world and by somehow the beauty of the underwater cave doesn't change. The question above makes me think of something, even though diving in a that kind of cave is very dangerous why they continue to do it? maybe because if theres no danger and trill the adventure is nothing:)

Nyree Leclaire

When you mention 3D, James Cameron's Avatar would really be the first thing that pops up for this generation's movie goers. Sanctum was legendary, in a sense that it was a 3D hit in a time when 3D film making was still in its infancy. Both Cameron and Wight did a great job in making those 3D environments look real.


No wonder the director was good; it must have been terrifying to get stuck in an underwater cave for months.

Bertie Westcoat

The movie was great - It reminded me of when we went scuba diving into an underground cave in Whitsunday Island - except for the part where they get stuck, of course! No wonder the director was good; it must have been terrifying to get stuck in an underwater cave for months.


great story
that's so beautiful


Adventure is my passion. And I am making my passion as my profession. I'm so jealous of this one. Hopefully, someday, i can make it, too!



Jamee Smith

I just got home from watching Sanctum 3D. It was an outstanding movie and suspenseful throughout. This is a must see!

FlyingFox Asia

I didn't watch 3D adventure film Sanctum yet but after reading your blog i cant resist to watch it!! I love adventurous stuff, thank you for bringing this to my attention :)

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