Video: Kayak Over a Waterfall, Ulitmate Adventure Bucket List - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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January 24, 2011


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Was that video for real?...That was cool, but terribly dangerous....just can't imagine myself doing crazy stuffs like you do...Yeah it's exciting...but I take can't to risk my life..

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This is super cool! Be asking my friends to visit that place next summer...I'm confident to hear their big yes after sharing them this video.

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180 feet tall? Are you kidding me? That was cool.... I just don't know if I could have enough strength and take a hard fall together with that rushing water.

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beautiful but dangerous travelling

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Are you kidding me? Lol. That was amazing video. He is so brave. Congrats!

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Just a tad insane....


the waterfall is really a rapid
the guy is so brave!!

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What a spirit! Yes, they are very brave! They can do it and they will finished it successfully.

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I really enjoyed from the video."They wanted to do it, they guess, because they can." They shows the meaning of this quote.


It's nice to keep up the spirit but If I were that traveler, I won't dare. I have to secure my life rather risk it in a deadly way.

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