Surfing Photographer Chris Burkard on Capturing That Incredible Shot (Photos) - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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January 12, 2011


what it is

Nice work. Liked the behind the scenes stories :)

Josh J

Great work Burky!


A truly marvelous photograph!

African Safari Holidays

Awesome pictures and really a perfect shot that you have taken.
The pictures are really incredible and appreciate your work.
Thanks for the post and keep sharing your information.

Lohran Anguera Lima - Blog Near The Ocean

Chris Burkard on the blog Near The Ocean:

Lohran Anguera Lima.
Near The Ocean


thanks for the link tinsel town. They are indeed so cool! I longed to be a photographer and maybe one day when I get to retire and travel places I's be able to take such magnificent shots! wow.

Overseas calls

Traveling in places like this one is very tempting. Aside from the scenic spots, I like the sunset that sets the total mood of the area. I must say that the photos don't lie. This is indeed a rare opportunity to have seen this kind of adventure. More power and thanks a lot for sharing.

Tinsel Town

Burkard's photography is amazing. Here's a recent portfolio of his cool:

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