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January 25, 2011


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Love the barefoot trend. These shoes look fun!


Awesome shoes! Obviously a great conversation starter too. - Might wear them to my favorite watering hole.

Tigara Electronica

I love those shoes ! want them asap !

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Looks awesome and worthy :)...need to save more to have like this one...

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This is perfect! I've been looking for something where the tounge doesn't keep riding up and i hope this is water proof;-)

Anxiety Cause

Great looking outdoor shoes! I bet it feels comfortable wearing those while trekking!


During my last trek over at the local Philippine tourist spot, Mt. Pinatubo last Monday, I have seen a lot of these toe shoes. It was more popular than I thought.

I might actually give them a try. However, the price tag needs to lower if only for the sake of "trying them out." I'm not so sure of going head first with it.


These shoes looks so cool and kinda weird at the same time. Will probably try these out.


those ones plan to buy Vibram FiveFingers, check this link not to be deceived.
They give ideas how to spot a FAKE


While I think these shoes are a good idea. I would think 99% of all North American/European people dont have muscles strong enough in their feet to adjust to these shoes. They may be good for some kitesurfing holidays but I would never recommend a novice runner or hiker ever try to use these long term.

Cliff Manchester

These shoes look really comfortable. I have a friend at work who has a similar pair and he swears by them as saying they are very comfortable and great to run in. I might consider getting a pair.

Ivan Malagurski

They look like Avatar feet :)

Glenn Parker

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Those shoes looks so funky! I bet thought they are comfortable!

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Thank you very much for keeping me up to date.

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Pablo Edwards

Great shoes.. I have heard incredible things.


"Gore-Tex, which is not air permeable, relies on body heat to convert sweat to vapor and push it through the waterproof-breathable membrane."

Whoa! Somebody drank way too much at the closing party at OR.

Gore-Tex (along with all the WP/Breathable products) obviously is air permeable; that's the whole point of this class of product.

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Hey this one is really the great information of the brands. And as you share that barefoot trend is now continuing and that one is really cool for me.

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