Steve Casimiro's 2011 Gear Forecast - Technical Fabrics, Avalanche Packs, Lighter Footwear, and Pastel Colors - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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January 25, 2011


EKG Interpretation

These are some fantastic shoes.

bogor plasa

nice information. i like the shoes style. i hope get the shoes.


thanks for article. the article very great.


A good shoe. it seems interesting to have it


A good shoe. seemed comfortable.

Calvin Klein

beautiful but dangerous travelling

Matt Boreau

Those shoes look fantastic. Now, you mentioned the boxer-briefs twice, but other than their color, did they have some special characteristics?


How amazing these shoes is very comfortable and it is very light weight..:-))

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wow this was amazing thanks for sharing this

razor e100

the model is really funny.

ferragamo shoes

the information of this post is very relevant
for what i am looking for, thank you so much for sharing this one


the shoes are so vivid and cute!
i love it

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Sami M.

Every at my gym is wearing these!


I saw these online the other day. One of the coolest things I've heard about them is that athletes say they feel more in tune with the earth, that wearing the footwear feels more natural.

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Perfect for my new adventure. I love the toes' design. One of a kind.

John looking for paid travel

Great shows but I think they are not beautiful.but new idea...


meuni sae dong satu............


Having light footwear colored with a pastel will have a psychology effect upon traveling. Have a nice picking up your things.


wowser !


wowser !


such a great shoes !


such a great shoes

fransfatulesi's very nice information.And this a good shoes..Thanks.

Fara Mendoza

Those are fantastic pair of shoes and I hope that they will get near to many outdoor retailer stores. I am a sporty person and would love to have those kind of shoes. The style looks great and I know i will get to be more comfortable wearing it while playing badminton and jogging.

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