Adventurers of the Year Update: Trip Jennings's Elephant Ivory Project Goes Local - National Geographic ADVENTURE

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December 16, 2010



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Adventure is everywhere it is up tp individdual on how to make the experience fun and turn into adventure, like the above article it is supposed to be adventure in the jungle but it turns to become costume contest and fashion.

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It is look like a costume party. It is nice but if you wearing this in the jungle beware on the mosquitoes and some insects. Take care guys.

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Nice costume, looks like a costume party.

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nice picture, pretty cool, ivory these days is a very rare thing and protected by all sorts of laws.

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Some sort of a costume party. It's nice.

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Great work you are doing. You have all my support for this project. Thanks.

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They look perfectly wild. Just kidding! The Elephant Ivory Project works for the protection of elephants, and I salute the team for their kindness and care.

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