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November 10, 2010


juan | razas de perros

very good blog and very interesting article in granayudad I will thank you for everything and greetings


These cool lanterns is very handy!

anton | bajar ares

very good very good blog and very interesting article where I can buy it

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Awesome gear! Kudos.

Calvin Klein

beautiful but dangerous travelling

Enrique | Administración del Tiempo

This is very cool


I saw it at some expo a couple of months ago and even though I liked it I'm not to conviced of the light being enough.

Jose - colchones viscoelasticos

I really like LED lights. They bright better than standard ones.

2011 Tapping World Summit

These lights are certainly cute!

wireless broadband routers

Awesome product. LED's are the way to go! Thank you for this review!


A very low inventions with many new applications.
The LED (Electro Luminescent Device) is a very old gadget but with very new features.
It seems is going to extinct the traditional bulbs and many other lighting devices.


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This is great because it consolidates the light and then when a family member needs to go dig in a bag they don't remove the light from everyone. They just take a piece of the light.


I think so, this look cool stuff for do an adventure.

robert murray

I like it.

robert murray

LED lights rock.


This simple things that's why I love LED lights. Easy for adventure live.

Account Deleted

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19feet is pretty good.
Led is getting more useful every year.

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Very cool product. Thank you.

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LEDs use so much less electricity than other lights. This is great.

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What a cool light. Very sharp looking!


I like the idea of low batter LED lights, but no so sure cute is high on my list of things to demand for my equipment :)

TESOL Certification

These cool lanterns is very handy!

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