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November 17, 2010


Calvin Klein

beautiful but dangerous travelling

Brett Nord

Thanks for sharing this. Im a Duluth, MN resident and I use the SHT quite frequently. Some of these other locations are not too far away - I might have to try something new on the next trip!

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Luke Grose

I'm currently looking for a long distance trek and the routes you suggest above sound fantastic - particularly like the Ice Age trail. Thanks


I grew up in the Twin Cites and loved trail running and cross country skiing at Carver Regional Park Reserve. There were all kinds of deer, rabbit, and fox.

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Thanks for sharing your experience in that wonderful place. I enjoy a lot while reading your article. Your description about the place is very vivid that makes me imagine that as if I am there. I haven't been in Mississippi and I wish I can go hiking there with my family this summer. Just a thought of it makes me feel excited to see the things that you have mentioned. I'm hoping to read more articles related to travel from you.

Pedals Cycling

All nice descriptions of the place. My family are going to the US next summer that these reviews are very helpful.We will try the Mississippi trail to see the real world of Huck Finn from a biker's perspective.

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