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October 29, 2010


South African Hunting Safari | Hunting | bow hunting - Shingelani

I must have one for my adventure.


This shoes are perfect for my valentine's gift to my special one. He loves wearing like this kind of shoes.


Nice shoe! I love the color combination. I wanted to have it via online.


I really enjoyed this article.


I do enjoy a good run.

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Shoes are gud....i think we need to compromise with the price

Litter Robot

Nice style .. The Shoe feature was Unique.. Cant wait to have one:)


How much would that shoe be in the market? Typical for this would be around 200 dollars but would be pricey if special materials are used.

Janna Javier

I also want to try this shoe. It looks good and I think it is comfortable to wear.

Harry Cooper

Unbelievable kind of shoe. I think it will last so many many years. :) Can't wait to have one...

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I think they walk like your in heaven !

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Incredible shoes ! I must have these shoes they are very beautiful.


I liked the color very much. It looks too cool.


I was just seeking for new trip shoe,luckily i may find in thats really great news for me.


One of the best shoes i've ever worn. I'm Very comfortable.zI love it.


I am a heavy runner. Is this shoe able to hold up to the pounding of a 220 lb active runner?

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After climbing Mount Fuji, I believe the key to this shoe is the comfortable foot bed that conforms to your own foot. I cannot tell you how sore my own feet were in "regular shoes"!

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is that really comfortable and use for long term.I really need that kind of shoe.Is that made by scientific way...then is should buy.


This whole concept of the shoe conforming to the person and not the other way around, is an idea whose time has come. In addition, it looks cool.

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Really Nice Shoe the Design and Style is Unique .. i kinda like it! cant wait to have a pair of this one .. :)

Get Ripped Fast

This shoes is great and i'm thinking of getting one.

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I really like the look of this shoe!

Mary  Klein

I've been looking so long for that kind of shoe, now I found it. Hope I can have it this Christmas. :)

Container Homes

Would these shoes be suitable for authotics?

want wife back

I love the way these just roll with my stride

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